To complete our baptism into the Lord, we call upon the Holy Spirit to strengthen our Christian commitment.  It is this Spirit of Christ that nourishes us, the presence of the Trinity within each of us as we walk the journey of faith.  This second step in the process of initiation reminds us of the many gifts that God has given us and talents that we are called to use as witnesses of the Gospel given to us by Jesus for the salvation of all humanity.  It is the sign that truly “confirms” us as committed Christians.  Since the early 20th century, it came to be administered in the Roman rite after First Communion.  In the ancient tradition it was deferent and the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) maintains the ancient tradition.

Youth or adults who are already baptized and would like more information about receiving the sacrament should contact the parish office.

Regulations for Sponsors

of Candidates for Baptism and Confirmation

Who may be baptismal sponsor/godparent?  Insofar as possible, one to be baptized is to be assigned a sponsor.  In the case of an adult baptism, the sponsor’s role is to assist the person in Christian initiation.  In the case of an infant baptism, the role is, together with the parents, to present the child for baptism, and to help the child live a Christian life befitting of the baptized, and faithfully to fulfill the duties inherent in baptism. 


One sponsor, male or female is sufficient but there may be two, one of each sex.  It is prohibited to have either two male or two female sponsors.  To be admitted to undertake the office of sponsor, a person must:


- Be appointed by the candidate for baptism, or by the parents, or by whoever stands in their place, or (if     necessary) by the pastor, parish priest, or minister, and is to have the qualifications and the intention of fulfilling this role;

- Be not less than 16 years old;

- Be a Catholic who has been confirmed and has receives the Eucharist, and who lives a life of faith which befits the role to be undertaken;

- Not to be bound by any canonical penalty legitimately imposed or declared;

- Not be either the father or the mother of the one to be baptized.  


N.B. These criteria are the same for those who would sponsor a candidate for confirmation.

A baptized non-Catholic Christian,  i.e. a baptized non-Catholic Christian, may be a witness to the baptism only together with a Catholic sponsor.  Non-Catholics and non-Christians may not be sponsors for baptism and confirmation.

Because the sponsor must be leading a life in harmony with the faith, the person, if married must be in a valid marriage recognized by the Church.

A baptized Catholic who does not meet the above mentioned requirements may not act as a Christian witness.  A non-practicing Catholic (one who does not attend Mass, or has left the Catholic Church to practice another religion) may not serve as a Christian witness.

One’s own pastor normally issues sponsor certificates to registered and active members of the parish. Normally, registered members of the parish receive Parish Offertory Envelopes.  The sponsor certificate becomes a declaration that one is fit to serve as a sponsor for a candidate for baptism and confirmation.  These are ordinarily presented to the Parish Office at least one week prior to the scheduled Baptism..